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Ethiopian Pediatric Society (EPS) is a voluntary professional association, representing pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, pediatrics residents, and other people who work with and care for children. The Ethiopian Pediatric Society was founded in 1995, as a national society of pediatricians, committed to working together with governmental & non governmental organizations for children and youth by nurturing excellence in health care, advocacy ,education , research and support of its membership.


To see Every Ethiopian child accorded the right to the highest attainable standard of health, and the opportunity to grow, develop, and fulfill to his or her human potential, the rights of child health professionals respected and ethically sound high standard pediatric practice ensured.


Pediatricians, working with partners, will be leaders in promoting physical, mental and social health for all children, and in realizing the highest standards of health for newborns, children, and adolescents.

EPS Values

Excellence in Knowledge, skill and expertise in child health:


  • Advocate about children and play an advisory role in the planning and administr...
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Our Partners

Addis Ababa City Administration Health BureauAmref Health AfricaFMOHInstitute for Healthcare ImprovementSave the ChildrenUNICEFWorld Health Organization

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