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  • Our Strategic Plan [2016-2020]

    The Strategic Plan Development Process The strategic plan revision process is aimed at developing road map for EPS that would contribute to the fulfilment of its overall vision, mission, goals and objectives. Documentary review, interviews, focus group discussions, survey questionnaire,...
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  • Board Members

    The Ethiopian Pediatrics Society have come a long way in creating the awareness of child health care development. We want to acknowledge our board member who have worked hard for our vision to come to life. The following are list of Members of the Society who have been president from the early st...
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  • EPS Constitution Law

    የኢትዮጵያ ሕፃናት ሕክምና ማህበር መተዳደሪያ ደንብ የበጎ አድራጎት ማህበር መተዳደሪያ ደንብ ...
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"It is really commendable institution deep rooted in the heart of in the center of the national NBCH interventions having strong and close partnership with us, This institution continue serving the community appropriately everlastingly."
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"የብሄራዊ ህጻናት ጤና ቡድን ዋና አጋር የሆነው የኢትዮጵያ ህጻናት የህክምና ማህበር በታለያዩ የሥራ ዘርፎች በተላም ደግሞ የባለሙያዎችን አቅም በመገንባት አዳዲስ መረጃዎችን በጥናትና ምርምር በማፍለቅ ፤ የቴክኒካል ዎርኪንግ ግሩፕ ዋና አውታር በመሆን የሚዘጋጁ ዶክመንቶችን ስናዘጋጅ አዳድስ ሳይንተፊክ ኢቪደንሶችን መማጣት እጅግ በጣም እያገዘን ያለ ተቋም ነው፤፤"
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