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Disclaimer of Warranties

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EPS reserves the right to terminate your access to the site, without any advance notice if you are caught trying to do a suspecious activity, such as trying to execute a malicious query on our URL, on the given forms etc. Without giving you a warning we can retain your data information on the website, and thus will not allow you to access our site ever again.

We will terminate and retain your data information if you violate or if your activity on our website is more or less a behaviour of cyber criminal. The following are list of cyber criminal behaviors. 

  • Display, send, receive, or store obscene or inappropriate content.
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  • Violate copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property laws.
  • Advertise, promote, endorse, or market, directly or indirectly, any third party commercial products, services, solutions, or other technologies.
  • Attempt to collect, store, or publish personally identifiable information
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  • Distribute unwanted, unsolicited, or harassing mass email or other messages, promotions, advertising, or solicitations (“spam”).
  • Send deceptive or false source-identifying information, including “spoofing” or “phishing.”
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  • Disable, disrupt, circumvent, interfere with, or otherwise violate the security of the Site.
  • Attack, abuse, interfere with, intercept, disrupt, or exploit any users, systems, or services, regardless of how accomplished and notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms, including but not limited to Denial of Service (DoS), monitoring, crawling, spamming, using bots or scripts, or distributing malware (such as viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, or adware).
  • Engage in or promote any illegal or criminal activity such as child pornography, gambling, or piracy.
  • Authorize, permit, enable, induce, or encourage any third party to do any of the above.

Please use our system in decency all the time. When it comes to messaging/chatting with other users, or while you are on our discussion forum, please be responsible and a good citizen as you use our system. We will remove your posts without notifying you unless it is an appropriate message. Please be ware that we have a prism software that allows to listen to all communication that are running through our site server. Swearing words and cursing words is not allowed or tolerated. Please use our system in decency.  

We Store personal data

We collect personal data such as your name and email address that you have provided while you were registering. We also collect other data such as:
  • Location: we collect this information because we want to make sure that our system synchronizes you with the location that you have used while registering or logged in and begin your activity on our platform. This days hackers tend to mask their location while they try and send a spam data on a website.
    • Device you are using: we collect this data to see which device is mostly used by our user and we use this data to make our platform compatible with the device that you are using while you are accessing our site (for eg. Windows, Apple, hand held device (mobile) etc...)
    • browser: we strongly recommend that you use the latest browser. The benefit of using the latest browser is explained below in the section How to use our Website.
    • time and date: we collect the time and date of your visit to our site. For more information about our data collection please go to our Privacy Policy section.

How to use our website

This site was constructed and best viewed for the latest browsers. We can direct you to a website called http://www.filehippo.com and download the browsers, we strongly recommend you to use the latest Microsoft Edge Edition or Opera. The reason we have chosen these two browsers for you is because the chance of overloading your PC is very low. Google Chrome consume large amount of disk memory when running background and thus might lead your pc to risk of crushing if you are using the 4GB ram with 4th generation or less.
The benefit of upgrading your browser to the latest version is
  • Your browser loads the website quickly
  • Enable to display all the contents of the site (such as media’s like Video and audio )
  • Chance of overloading your computer will decrease
  • Protects you from suspecious site that may affect your personal computer
Please Note that some of our feature is not functional on the Internet Explorer. We highly recommend you to use other latest browsers such as the Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.. Internet Explorer is an outdated and abandoned browser by the microsoft. The Internet explorer has now evolved to the Microsoft Edge. We have already mentioned to you above why you need to use the upgraded browsers.

Discussion Forum

We have prepared to all members and non members to participate in a discussion concerning about a topic given. We have also availed to our users to add new topics to discuss concerning about pediatrics and health issue. Please know that the E.P.S will not tolerate any other topics except for health and pediatrics related topics. Any political view posts made by our user will immidiately be in a black list and remove your post with out any notice. Please know that we abide by our legal rights and we will respond to your action and the consequence will be severe accordingly by the law of Ethiopia. 

Our users can also flag or report a post that seems to be uncomfortable for them. Remember the posts that you post must be health or related to pediatrics issue. If you are spotted by one of our users or our system that violates the agreement, you will be put in the black list and will hold your information for good.

Exam Entry

The e-learning system has been integrated with software that allows the registered users to take the exam online. Our examination is a multiple choice exam. But before exam is uploaded, we upload section of the course. And within each section we upload a reference pdf files for you to be prepared for the exam. When we upload the exam, the system will send a notification message to you via EPS messaging center.

Note: if you miss the exam date then you won’t be able to take the exam. Please note also that you have chance to retake the exam in case you fail. But if you reach the limit of the chance that have been given to you to retake the exam, then the system will register you as failed and won’t allow you to get your certificate. 
"All course section exam that we upload must be passed by our registered users in order to get certificate online"
Email Notification
Due to our cloud host service providers regulation, we have disabled email notification to send notification when we upload a new exam on our system. According to our cloud host, we can only send 50 email one time for notification. Seeing that our members of EPS is more than 50 we are unable to notify you via email. But we will notify each of our members via the site message center. So we strongly advice you that you keep logging in to our system and follow up for new updates.

COVID19 Monitoring App

Our COVID19 Monitoring app tool gathers data from all source of health API. Our app gathers or fetches data from JHU (John Hopkins University) and Worldometers.info to update our viewers concerning about covid19 outbreak in Ethiopia. It gathers daily report and also vaccine administred. It represents data based on graphic display and pie chart. It also shows a progress report as to what percentage remains for total recovery. The app tracedown the location of our visitors to show what’s the status of COVID19 out break from their area. Specially from United states visitors, the app traces down and displays the state and county COVID19 report. Our monitoring app does not trace down the type of device or browser or operating system that you are using while accessing our plaform.  You can find our Monitoring dashboard at https://covid-19.epseth.com.

Constitutional Law

Concerning about our law please read the full version of the Constitutional Law of the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society. (Which is written in አማሪኛ)

Changes to this agreement

EPS reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use at any time. Therefore we ask that you check and review for this agreement for such changes on an occasional basis. Should you not agree to any provision of this agreement or any changes we make to this agreement, we ask and advise that you do not use or continue to access our website.

Updated on: May 21, 2021


"It is really commendable institution deep rooted in the heart of in the center of the national NBCH interventions having strong and close partnership with us, This institution continue serving the community appropriately everlastingly."
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"የብሄራዊ ህጻናት ጤና ቡድን ዋና አጋር የሆነው የኢትዮጵያ ህጻናት የህክምና ማህበር በታለያዩ የሥራ ዘርፎች በተላም ደግሞ የባለሙያዎችን አቅም በመገንባት አዳዲስ መረጃዎችን በጥናትና ምርምር በማፍለቅ ፤ የቴክኒካል ዎርኪንግ ግሩፕ ዋና አውታር በመሆን የሚዘጋጁ ዶክመንቶችን ስናዘጋጅ አዳድስ ሳይንተፊክ ኢቪደንሶችን መማጣት እጅግ በጣም እያገዘን ያለ ተቋም ነው፤፤"
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