Corona is in Ethiopia

Date posted: Saturday, March 14, 2020

To all fellow Ethiopians, by now you are all aware that Coronavirus was spotted on a foreigner on Friday 13th of March, 2020. This foreigner was a Japanese citizen who traveled from Burkinafaso to Ethiopia. He arrived in Ethiopia on 4th of March, 2020. During his stay here, he had a contact with 25 people and shortly he begun to have the symptom of coronavirus and yesterday afternoon the EPHI had made it official that the individual was tested positive for this virus. 

As part of the health sector the Ethiopian Pediatrics society urges all the citizens to remain calm. And always listen to what the medical experts have to say on how to protect yourself and your family from this virus

  1. Always wash your hands 
  2. try to avoid touching your face with your hands
  3. wear facemask if you are around densely populated places
  4. avoid physical contact with other people including your families
  5. no handshake or kissing, or hugging. 
  6. keep yourself and your environment clean

As an Ethiopian Citizen it has always been a custom to respect our elderly and care for them. We urge and ask all of you to follow this custom and care for the elderly whose age is above 50. It is on this age group that this virus hammers the hardest. Inorder for this individual to be safe it is upto ourselve to alway clean ourself and avoid contact and teach our elderlies how to avoid such disease from them and their loved once. 

Eventhough news was heard that over 50K(Fifty thousand) people recovered from this disease it is still highly recomended that you follow this rules step by step. 

If we ought to follow all this steps there is a chance that we can  avoid this virus. Personal Hygiene is the number one combating weapon against this virus. By doing so we can even save not only the lives of ourselves but also the elderly and the little once as well. 

With Best Regard
Ethiopian Pediatrics Society


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